Friday, 8 April 2011

This is the Final Cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is our finished product! Woooooooo!
This is our final evaluation piece.


We are currently in the process of uploading our final sequence and evaluation to youtube. Once it has uploaded, we will then link it to both our group blog and our individual ones. We are pleased with how our evaluation went and our overall project.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


This is our opening sequence of 'Sleeper'. This is not the final one since this was uploaded to youtube we have altered a few things such as lighting and credits. 

We are all very proud of our finished piece and believe that we have put in all we had to make it as best as we could.

Posted by Lucy.

This is my (Lucy Clark) self assessment that I completed upon reflecting on our project.

Finished Evaluation:

Today, we filmed our evaluation for our finished film opening sequence. We did our evaluation by setting up a tri-pod and camera and filmed us all answering the evaluation questions. We had all previously written up what we were going to say when answered each question so we were all prepared when we anwered them in front of the camera. It went really well and I felt we answered the questions with a good amount of description to hopefully gain us all a good mark. I also felt that we were all very confident in front of the camera when it came to filming the evaluation, which I definately think this is a a good thing and is down to the fact that we were prepared and ready for our evaluation.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Problems faced when filming:

Whilst filming we were faced with a couple of problems, they were luckily only minor problems and did not affect our filming too much. One of the problems was the fact that when we were filming our outside scene we found it hard to film with the continuous amount of cars that were driving past us whilst filming. It affected the sound of ur film as the cars were quite loud and could be heard within our film. However, we did manage to change this using Final Cut to edit the sound of our film. We also found that it was very windy and rainy when we were filming outside which affected the stability and clearness of both the camera lense and tri-pod.
Another problem that we faced was the battery life of the camera, it did not last very long and affected the time in which it took us to film as we had to stop to charge the camera whilst filming.
To add to this, we found that filming on two different occasions affected the lighting and contrast of our film, we found it really hard when editing to get both the lighting and contrast to look as similar to one another as possible.